The Latinx Identity Project

No Seas Wey

October 11, 2020 Elsa Iris Reyes/No Seas Wey Season 1 Episode 5
The Latinx Identity Project
No Seas Wey
Show Notes

In this episode we meet a group of activists from Austin, TX, going by the name, No Seas Wey. Their mission is to educate the Spanish speaking Latinx community in Austin about the importance of wearing a mask through art. Three beautiful murals can be found around Austin that combine art, culture, and language to reach the community in ways that are specific to Spanish speaking essential workers. The encouragement to wear a mask in public further emphasizes the importance to protect ourselves but also each other as a community until we can safely resume life without a face covering.

If you want to contribute to the movement by offering a wall for another mural, help out, or donate, please check them out on social media on Instagram @no.seas.wey and Facebook @NoSeasWeyUSA. Follow them and tell them how amazing they are!

Also check out their website for  information about COVID-19 for the community, by the community:

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